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Wolfy’s Side

August 15, 2010

The story for Wolfy. The most recent laughable item of now is : His brother says something, without doing anything. Wolfy ends up doing all sorts of crap because of him. Yeah, he says everything’s ‘messed’ and doesn’t help look for Wolfy’s PSP. He wouldn’t know because he didn’t look. Then he said he was going to help his mom with something and got Wolfy to help. Wolfy ended up doing it alone.

His brother – is a retard. He acts all tough and all family-oriented. He doesn’t even want kids. He’s more of a child than we are. His ‘pretend’ online family, for example.

Wolfy gets treated like crap, and can’t even speak up to the ‘broad’. The broad is some dumb 14 year old girl who thinks negatively even though she has a paradise. I have logs to prove it, too. She even used a condom as a toy. It’s not a toy, a waterballoon? tsk, tsk.

She even gets Wolfy’s tard to say stuff whenever Wolfy says something. He can’t even be ‘weird’ to her, because she tattles over every single little thing. It’s just retarded. It’s beyond pathetic. And guess what, she ‘loves’ Wolfy, flings it around so casually. She can’t even hold her own with things in life. She runs away and changes the subject whenever Wolfy semi-confronts the situation.

Those two people really, annoy -both- of us. One high and mighty ‘family’ kid, acts all tough…. and then one spoiled brat who tattles on everything and gets her way….

I dislike people who fling the word ‘family’ and related things like it’s just a game or a toy. Yes, I really value family that much. Wolfy, is like family. Mess with him, and I obviously won’t be happy/let it slide. It’s getting tiring. It’s just pathetic. Before he even says the F in family, he should treat Wolfy like family. Fun Fact – Wolfy spends more time with their mom than he ever does.

He acts all parent-y to Wolfy, trying to make things seem all over-glorified, and Wolfy has to take it all…. for example, Wolfy says something, the ‘tard says stuff about how Wolfy is trying to be a smartass.

It’s completely onesided, as opposed to how the ‘tard has said ‘I take both sides equally’. Really now, really. ‘Be yourself, but don’t be a douche.’ Uh, to the broad, that is being himself. Wolfy is a douche, but not a bad one. That’s who -he- is. It’s just one thing to name, it has to be easy. Guess not.

Fun fact : the ‘tard ended up threatening Wolfy and came up with excuses when Wolfy asked ‘name something you know about me’. He just excused it away. No answer.

And then there’s the next one, though they’re both spoiled brats…the broad takes the cake.

She doesn’t eat anything when she says she’s hungry, she complains about stupid things, she looks at lame stuff, she just is too….I don’t know. She calls Wolfy’s tard on Wolfy over the littlest thing. Yeah, Wolfy was being ‘weird’ by saying random things, and she tattled on him. ‘Love’s Wolfy, too. But she can’t be loved back, she can’t take care of herself. She runs away from every little thing.

Wolfy has even experienced Strep, and gave her advice because she was also under the same circumstances, and then she tattles when Wolfy ends up ‘yelling’ at her. The tard’s words? Lectures Wolfy, who made completely valid points, instead of taking the ‘right’ side.

Fun Fact – Wolfy has rejected her feelings twice. We fear it’s nearing a third time.

Maybe, just maybe (1/1,000,000), she’d be likable/bearable if she grew up. I feel for Wolfy and wish I could do something, he can’t even say what he wants to her.

Life’s tough, crap is crap, but don’t sugar coat it or walk it off.

As usual, Ol’ Gator has no reason to lie….it’s just pathetic, I wish it was all a lie.


Let’s see…

February 4, 2010

Rave isn’t dead, at least I don’t think he is. Poke him with a stick and find out. Though, I’m not sure if I’m alive. I should probably stop before -someone- gets a violent idea. Not just poking with a stick. That stick won’t be a stick.

Updates, updates, updates. I’ve been procrastinating a LOT lately. And Rave is enjoying g-mod and his orange box, box of oranges, and box that is orange. If you know what -the- orange box is, you deserve a pokeball onigiri.

Quotes&Misc – “What are you doing?” “shooting portals at robots” The wall says the cake is a lie. If you think the cube is talking to you or are thinking of harming the cube, seek mental health therapy. Shooting a Charizard apparently affects sore spots. -mumbles- Baka Rave. Baka. Baka. Baka to test to…Baka…Baka..I should probably stop before he kills me. Or …a…castrating, a vasectomy, a kick. There are far worse things…keep sharp objects away from Rave if he’s near me and I say stuff like this! Huh, but if people like seeing people tortured, then you’d probably do it on purpose, and get a free show. On with the show!

One character is getting a fairly big face lift, one person is enjoying an orange box as well as saving the world with Zero Suit Samus, and one person is getting older with every passing minute.

Other not so breaking news, we have our first bets of the year/our friendship. Basically, bet #1 – self pleasure avoiding, a two week limit. The prize? Winner gets a free lunch, subway/carls jr/somewhere. My mistake. -$. Bet #2 – I can’t say anything perverted/dirty for 2 weeks. Started same time as bet #1.

Here’s something that will confuse…I kinda am still on the bet, but I’m kinda not. I kinda failed, but I kinda didn’t. It kinda is, but it kinda isn’t. Which is it? It’s kinda both. It can’t be? Well, it kinda can. You can kinda see the confusion, you kinda can’t. I kinda don’t know anymore. It’s like talking like an airhead blonde who ends their sentences like questions. Kinda like that. Crap. Kinda. -shoots self-

It seems like I’d be better off putting this on my blog, however, he’s a part of it. Plus, he doesn’t type much here. The idea of it – you get to know what that bak–..ahem…Rave is doing while getting some dry/bad humor.

You know, I kind of wonder how he puts up with me. I take pride in being fairly annoying. Infact, I spam him with various things from random article findings to random subjects. Every day. Even when he’s offline. Because he will log into waves of text. Yes, we actually on msn nearly every day. Either we’re inseparable, I’m a clingy leech, or he’s plotting something grand. Safest bets on #3.

Plans -…to finish off this homework, and to get that character’s face lift done with..within 2 weeks. With a lot of other things to do, tired…very tired..tired..gator


Old Gator – out.

(Yes, yet another name to add to the list. The -Adjective- Gator.)


Edits and more?

October 20, 2009

Finally starting on some actual editing, with a bunch of ideas for some neat stuff…wings, etc.

I still want some onigiri. The pokeball onigiri especially.

I wonder what I should draw next? A Charizard was fun to draw, now I’m thinking of something more…tacky, something..mixed up..something weird. Something not rated H for Hentai. (I’d have to kill myself if I did that! Then again, it -might- one day happen. -shot- It is tempting, though…[Yes, Rave, you heard me~])

Being a pervert/sick-o aside, I think I’ve become more of a nerd/otaku these days. There has been a bunch of “get ripped in 4 weeks” advertisements all over, and this one was flashing and had two pictures to “compare” but I noticed the many flaws it had. The quality of one body was slightly more pixelated, indicating the use of something like paint, as well as some tattoos being cut of/improper, and it’s not impossible to edit part of that tattoo onto the body. They might want to not try to photoshop their ads if they want it to look more convincing. It’s like, dude 1 was thrown into paint, and a small cropped image of dude 2 was used, and they took dude 2’s tattoos and placed it on dude 1’s body. I don’t know why but saying it like this seems and sounds weird. But, hey, it’s as wrong as the Nobody’s symbol. -cough-.

I noticed the pixelation in the ‘fat version’ body image, which gives a similar effect when you use paint that limits colors. Also the pixelation is similar to a character on the header I made for Rave. Basically, if you click black or blue, and then click part of his body, there would be a line of, let’s say, brown, that becomes blue, and it would be in the form of a blue blob, where as if it were the ‘ripped’ image, it wouldn’t be a blob or a line of blue. It’s nice to know what little things can do. And to think I do everything with paint, simplicity is nice~ Up yours photoshoppers who act like “pros” to feel better about themselves!

Back to the subject of sprites. Everything’s going good. Revamping some old characters eventually. I wonder if I’ll have time for SFZ? Not to mention music, as well as experimenting with various things. There’s still so much to do, but this body just doesn’t want to move much. I’ll probably get fatter and..well…I’m already lazy, getting lazier wouldn’t work.

-yawn- I wrote too much. Maybe randomly making an organization 13 version of Pokemon will give me energy. Though there’ll be weapons and the whole character comparison, I’m aiming for a separate organization 13, two versions if I’m good enough. Organization Gold Heart and Organization Soul Silver. Complete with 13 awesome Pokemon in black cloak robe thingymajigs

Oh yeah…someone tapped into my orange Vitamin water. Apparently whatever I leave in the fridge gets taken/used. It’s annoying. All I wanted was some cold water. And I’m trying to avoid taking risks of getting sick these days, since there’s so much to do. Rave, give me your vitamin water! This sounds wrong. Give me a Powerade! Lemonade! Anything! Well maybe not anything, you know how disgusting this lizard can be. -evil laughter-