Let’s see…

February 4, 2010

Rave isn’t dead, at least I don’t think he is. Poke him with a stick and find out. Though, I’m not sure if I’m alive. I should probably stop before -someone- gets a violent idea. Not just poking with a stick. That stick won’t be a stick.

Updates, updates, updates. I’ve been procrastinating a LOT lately. And Rave is enjoying g-mod and his orange box, box of oranges, and box that is orange. If you know what -the- orange box is, you deserve a pokeball onigiri.

Quotes&Misc – “What are you doing?” “shooting portals at robots” The wall says the cake is a lie. If you think the cube is talking to you or are thinking of harming the cube, seek mental health therapy. Shooting a Charizard apparently affects sore spots. -mumbles- Baka Rave. Baka. Baka. Baka to test to…Baka…Baka..I should probably stop before he kills me. Or …a…castrating, a vasectomy, a kick. There are far worse things…keep sharp objects away from Rave if he’s near me and I say stuff like this! Huh, but if people like seeing people tortured, then you’d probably do it on purpose, and get a free show. On with the show!

One character is getting a fairly big face lift, one person is enjoying an orange box as well as saving the world with Zero Suit Samus, and one person is getting older with every passing minute.

Other not so breaking news, we have our first bets of the year/our friendship. Basically, bet #1 – self pleasure avoiding, a two week limit. The prize? Winner gets a free lunch, subway/carls jr/somewhere. My mistake. -$. Bet #2 – I can’t say anything perverted/dirty for 2 weeks. Started same time as bet #1.

Here’s something that will confuse…I kinda am still on the bet, but I’m kinda not. I kinda failed, but I kinda didn’t. It kinda is, but it kinda isn’t. Which is it? It’s kinda both. It can’t be? Well, it kinda can. You can kinda see the confusion, you kinda can’t. I kinda don’t know anymore. It’s like talking like an airhead blonde who ends their sentences like questions. Kinda like that. Crap. Kinda. -shoots self-

It seems like I’d be better off putting this on my blog, however, he’s a part of it. Plus, he doesn’t type much here. The idea of it – you get to know what that bak–..ahem…Rave is doing while getting some dry/bad humor.

You know, I kind of wonder how he puts up with me. I take pride in being fairly annoying. Infact, I spam him with various things from random article findings to random subjects. Every day. Even when he’s offline. Because he will log into waves of text. Yes, we actually talk..er..text..type? on msn nearly every day. Either we’re inseparable, I’m a clingy leech, or he’s plotting something grand. Safest bets on #3.

Plans -…to finish off this homework, and to get that character’s face lift done with..within 2 weeks. With a lot of other things to do, tired…very tired..tired..gator


Old Gator – out.

(Yes, yet another name to add to the list. The -Adjective- Gator.)


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