Lazy Lizard’s updates~

October 14, 2009

To be honest, nothing has actually be done due to what I posted on my blog. (Or this post title.) I do however have a very corny thing. ‘The Crocostyle’. It works for most situations, and, well,  is a (my) style.

The to do list – Updating sprites with more detail as well as adding special attacks, or even alternative attack sprites. Much work to do. It normally wouldn’t take this long, but I don’t know what normal is.  The power of being lazy.There’s still my previous to-do list so…a certain someone has to remind me or else it really won’t ever get done~

Which reminds me. Pokeball and Masterball Onigiri/Riceballs. Catch your hunger! Chips in Japan are also very interesting. We’re both missing out, which tempts me to order some snacks eventually.


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